2014 Northeast Phillies at East Coast Pro in Syracuse, NY
2013 Northeast Phillies at the East Coast Pro in Syracuse, NY
The 2016 East Coast Pro will again be played at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fl
The East Coast Pro in its 2nd year at  Steinbrenner Field.  Yankees play host to East Coast Pro from August 1st - 4th..  Players from all over the eastern seaboard will compete in a 4 day tournament in front of Major League Professional Baseball Scouts from every organization.

The Northeast Team will be sponsored by the Texas Rangers for the next 2 years and Managed by Takeshi Sakurayama (T-Money), the Northeast Area Scout.  The top high school players from the Northeast will be selected from the tryouts held in June.

Date: August 1-4th
Location: Steinbrenner Field - Tampa Yankees
Ryan McKenna at the 2014 East Coast Pro